Collette Broeders- le papetier vert (the green papermaker) is an artist located in Windsor, Ontario specializing in beautifully handcrafted invitations and papers.  All papers are hand-crafted in her design studio and paper mill and are customized to suit the vision of her clients.  With an environmentally conscious mandate, these unique handmade papers are tree-free, and eco-friendly using the finest quality of natural fibres and earth pigments.

Hand-papermaking is a traditional and lost art.  Collette Broeders – le papetier vert is an exlusive studio and paper mill in the Windsor/Essex region producing earth friendly, hand-crafted papers and accessories.  With a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts, Broeders has mastered the hand-papermaking process through creative experimentation with over twenty years of experience.

Canada has a rich history in papermaking that began its origin during the early 1900’s in Ontario.  Collette Broeders-le papetier vert is the only producer of handmade paper in the Windsor/Essex region and is a long standing member of the International Association of Hand Papermakers Association (IAPMA).  Experimenting with the revival of this ancient craft since 1996, Collette Broeders maintains a consistent studio practice in the spirit of papermaking developing new papers and accessories using traditional techniques, equipment and materials.

These beautiful and unique papers are like no other found on the local market and are suitable for a variety of uses.  All artist-made papers and products created follow the standards of archival quality and are suitable for markets beyond the wedding and events industry that include printers, graphic artists, visual artists, artisans and crafters alike.

We are easily accessible for individual consultation and follow-up in person or through email and telephone.

Green is a great colour!


Here at le papetier vert, we take environmental sustainability seriously and believe in reducing our impact on the planet in the way we conduct and operate our business.  We understand that everything manufactured has a role with good or bad effects and our approach is to maintain a positive impact on the environment, our community and the world.



Some of the ways we commit to our environment are:
-We make tree-free paper produced from plants such as cotton, abaca, sisal, hemp and jute;
-We also recycle all our office paper and leftover cuts and reproduce handcrafted recycled papers;
-We make plantable papers that grow into a variety of flowers and plants;
-We use only recycled packaging and re-use boxes and packing materials;
-We print on either our own papers or sourced recyclable papers;
-We do not print unnecessary catalogues.

Maintaining sustainability here at le papetier vert has been a learning process over the years and has become our main priority in keeping green.  As a small operation, our mandate and commitment to respect our planet will improve as we grow in finding new ways for better environmental practices.



(Artist, Creative Soul)

Collette Broeders is a passionate mixed media artist merging traditional processes with new media and performance. In the 80’s she attended St. Clair College of Applied Arts and Technology for business followed by the University of Windsor for the Bachelor of Commerce program. She worked in accounting, business and database development for several years. By 2004, Broeders returned to the University of Windsor where she completed the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) program. Her studies focused on printmaking and investigated the digital realm where she combined both of these mediums. She is a founding member of one ten park : a working space, an active member of the arts community and maintains a studio in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  She has been an ongoing member of the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild and International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists. She continues to experiment with community engagement in contemporary art making with additional artistic activities that include public performances as well as papermaking and printmaking workshops in the Windsor-Essex Region.

In many respects, it is the repetition involved in the creative process itself that motivates her work. She has over twenty years experience in the art of hand papermaking. As a print artist and papermaker, she connects with the ‘handmade’ and sensory experience of the natural world.



(Creative Assistant, Customer Liason)

Holly has been a creative soul from early childhood. Her artistic and creative experimentation has been rooted in painting, drawing and photography. She has taken a variety of creative workshops as well as photography courses at Fanshaw College.

As creative assistant, she helps develop new ideas and coordinates colour and design.  She creates unique displays for le papetier vert trade exhibitions, assists in marketing and production and provides friendly customer service.

With great enthusiasm and passion, she enjoys meeting new clients and assisting them in creating their vision.